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Discover the secrets of sustained financial growth with India's foremost Stocks and Options Trader, Avtar Kataria. Learn to navigate the markets with confidence, armed with time-tested strategies for both making money and protecting your capital in challenging times. Don't just chase profits; learn the art of prudent adjustments and effective firefighting to ensure your financial stability and success.
If you're ready to take your trading to the next level, Join Avtar Kataria's transformative journey and unlock the path to consistent gains and resilient wealth.

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Proven Patterns

After years of trading mostly Indian and mid to large cap U.S. stocks, I have identified chart patterns that tend to reoccur over and over again. Now many traders think that movements in the market are random, but I have found the opposite to be true. Experts agree that history tends to repeat itself in the stock market, and that’s why same patterns will continue to appear on charts.

Proven Principles

Through trial and error, gain and loss, I’ve established a time-tested set of principles that I follow faithfully when I’m investing and trading stocks. In other words, the proven set of rules I’ve developed over the years has made trading more profitable and easy for me. Rest of all, the proven principles keep my emotions in check and out of the trade, And these principles will do the same for you.

Proven Profits

Every successful trader knows that timing is crucial. That’s why I’ve developed the right instincts and a proven method that tell me when to get in, and when to get out of a trade. My system and rules allow me to remove emotion from the equation, and simply let the charts tell me when to buy, and when to take profits. You’re going to be amazed at how easy to apply my market-tested methodology!


"Our easy-to-follow systems moves you along a proven path to becoming a more successful, happier and wealthier trader and investor”

Options Scalping

Master the art of precision trading with our Options Scalping Course, designed to capitalize on short-term market movements for maximum profit potential.

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Power Trading Pro

Transform your trading journey with our Power Trading Pro Course, blending mindset mastery, technical analysis, risk and money management for stock market success.

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Options Trading Pro

Maximize your options trading prowess with our Options Trading Pro Course, blending scalping, buying, and selling strategies for peak market performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Power Trading Pro course consists of 8 regular weekend classes, while the Options Scalping course includes 4 regular classes. For the Option Trading Pro course, there are 6 regular weekend classes. Following these regular sessions, additional post-market analysis and occasional special sessions will be provided.

Our Support Team's number will be shared with you once you're enrolled.

It's a common misconception that options buyers can't consistently turn a profit, but numerous participants of Options Scalping courses have debunked this myth. Succeeding in trading hinges on possessing a competitive advantage. This advantage is forged through a comprehensive grasp of market dynamics and technical analysis, coupled with emotional discipline and adept trade execution. Options scalping courses aim to equip retail traders with these essential skills, empowering them to gain a strategic edge and achieve consistent profitability.

Options scalping involves executing rapid-fire trades on index options within a brief timeframe. Traders capitalize on favorable market conditions by swiftly entering and exiting positions once a predetermined profit margin is achieved. This strategy entails making numerous trades throughout the day, each aimed at garnering incremental profits. By repetitively securing small gains, traders accumulate substantial profits by day's end.

Options buying and selling represent two complementary approaches in the options market, each offering distinct advantages and considerations. The market accommodates both buyers and sellers, catering to diverse investment strategies. Options selling demands significant capital and entails a prolonged commitment, exposing traders to the potential for substantial losses. This approach is better suited for institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals equipped to withstand the associated risks. Conversely, options buying presents an appealing opportunity for individual retail traders with limited capital resources. By adhering to systematic trading practices, retail traders can unlock the considerable potential offered by options buying, leveraging their capital effectively to pursue profitable outcomes.

We do not allow students to interrupt class with doubts while the trainer is teaching. Students are required to note down all the doubts & send it to our support team. All the answers are approved by Avtar Kataria himself. You will not face difficulty in live class as the trainer has enough experience to explain everything in a very simple manner easy to understand. We also conduct FAQs session regularly.


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