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Remember Gitanjali Gems? Mehul Choksi firm stock doubles in 16 days after 95% fall; check this before you buy

Shares of India’s second-largest jewellery maker by turnover Gitanjali Gems have been on a roller coaster ride since after the Mehul Choksi-led jeweller was allegedly named in nation’s biggest banking fraud at country’s second-largest PSU bank PNB. As per the probe by the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) and regulatory filing by Punjab National Bank

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Nifty rallies for 3rd day on oil slide, rupee gain; Sensex closes up 241 pts, midcaps outperform

The Nifty Midcap index outperformed frontliners, rising 1.4 percent on strong market breadth. More than two shares advanced for every share falling on the NSE. Benchmark indices started off the week on a strong note, rallying for third consecutive session following sharp slide in crude oil prices and recovery in rupee. Banking & financials, infra,

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Manpasand Beverages shares crash 20% after company cancels board meet on Deloitte’s resignation as auditor

Shares of Gujarat-based fruit juice maker Manpasand Beverages crashed 20% in the early deals on Monday after the company cancelled its board meeting scheduled on 30 May 2018 on Deloitte’s resignation as statutory auditor of the firm. Shares of Gujarat-based fruit juice maker Manpasand Beverages crashed 20% in the early deals on Monday after the company cancelled

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Big week ahead! GDP data, 700 companies’ Q4 results; here are key things to watch in stock market

Over 700 companies are scheduled to announce Q4 results in the week ahead along with GDP data for the financial year 2017-18. Here are key things to watch in stock market. Indian equity markets have seen volatile sessions specifically in the last one month as the fourth-quarter earnings unfolded following which investors saw PNB reporting


Dow Theroy & Trend Analysis

Market Discount Everything Charles H. Dow after whom the “Dow Jones” Wall Street index in named is the founder of many theories and his contribution to the theory of Technical Analysis is immense. Even after so many years what he propagated is still valid and he is rightly termed as the “Grandfather” of Technical Analysis.


Cup with Handle Pattern

The cup with handle pattern is one of the most bullish chart patterns.  It works well on top growth stocks during a market uptrend.  Its a close cousin to the rounding bottom pattern – another very bullish pattern. As the name suggests, this chart pattern looks like a cup or pan with a handle.  Imagine


Inverted J Pattern

The Inverted J pattern (also knows as the inverted ascending scallop) is another very bullish chart pattern we often feature in our newsletter and trade in our own accounts. Imagine taking the letter J and flipping it upside down and then turning it over across its vertical axis like a page in a book. We


Head and Shoulders Pattern

The head and shoulders chart pattern is a bearish pattern generated by stocks, etfs, market indices and other instruments. Its one of the most well-known and feared chart patterns among traders and investors. As the name suggests, the pattern looks like a head and 2 shoulders on a price chart.  The price of the stock


Channeling Stocks

Channeling stocks are stocks that have a strong tendency to trade between a support and resistance.  The distance between the support and resistance makes the stock appealing to channeling stock traders. The difference between support and resistance typically needs to be at least 10% to 15%. Preferrably, 20% or more. Generally the support and resistance


Bull Flag Pattern

The bull flag pattern is probably the most bullish chart pattern you can trade.  As the name suggests, it looks like a flag pole with a flag on the top portion of the pole. To form the pattern, the price rises substantially in a short period of time and then consolidates for generally a few