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Dow Theroy & Trend Analysis

Market Discount Everything Charles H. Dow after whom the “Dow Jones” Wall Street index in named is the founder of many theories and his contribution to the theory of Technical Analysis is immense. Even after so many years what he propagated is still valid and he is rightly termed as the “Grandfather” of Technical Analysis.


Cup with Handle Pattern

The cup with handle pattern is one of the most bullish chart patterns.  It works well on top growth stocks during a market uptrend.  Its a close cousin to the rounding bottom pattern – another very bullish pattern. As the name suggests, this chart pattern looks like a cup or pan with a handle.  Imagine


Inverted J Pattern

The Inverted J pattern (also knows as the inverted ascending scallop) is another very bullish chart pattern we often feature in our newsletter and trade in our own accounts. Imagine taking the letter J and flipping it upside down and then turning it over across its vertical axis like a page in a book. We